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Dog Country Club `A La Nouveau Orleans

There is the gorgeous “Back of” City Park to glory in: miles and miles of informally landscaped Pasture like Realms of Nature.
There is the “New Dog Park”.
Please, Compare:

The new dog park is tiny, manicured, and YOU HAVE TO BE ACCEPTED to get in (!)
You must in all ways conform, obey and qualify.
THEN you must apply (and pay for) the “Being Allowed Into The DogPark” Permit.
If you pass all the tests, pay all the costs, and wait –because now there are NO more permits being processed
you actuly are meant to swipe your personal ID card in order to gain ENTRY ino the new, tiny Dog park….to be let inside of thebeautiful nine foot high wrought Iron fence, to stroll slowly along the glistening sidewalks, or sit (whose dog wishes them to merely sit?) talking to some other QUALIFIED member.

 Well, now who doesn’t prefer a qualified MEMBER?, eh?     The question is, really:

— Is all of this fun for FIDO?
Be Alert:

NO pooping or peeing allowed!!

 Please follow most carefully– all other twenty RULES, as set forth for the protection and welfare by-

 By whom? –Who was made Boss of  this Dog’s Country Club of NOLA, and when did he rise to this exalted position? Even more important:

Does any of  this insure a Happy Dog? I  think nothing about what is called The New Dog park  is the least bit interested in Dogs, or dog preferences. As  all Country clubs, this one’s strongest concerns are in regards to entitled humans.
 People-members please, sign the waiver as you’re climbing carefully down off your pedestals, and be sure to ask the dogs,
“Are You having Fun Yet?”
Brought to you by
Keep City Park for the Public.

Some of us just want to go for long walks in the outdoors without fences, without cars..on our own city”s lands.